22nd 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud

Results Announcement

After general voting and careful consideration by judges, Grand Prix, 2nd Prize (Excellence Award), Idea Award, Essence Award, 3 Honorable Judge Award, and VR SYSTEM OF THE YEAR have been decided. The Awards Ceremony was held at Shinagawa Intercity Hall and online on November 8th, 2023.

    ▲Awards Ceremony
    (Nov. 8th 2023 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall)

  • Grand Prix (Highest Award)

    University of Seoul

    Evaluation of user satisfaction according to the gap acceptance behavior of autonomous vehicles

      In order to find out what level of gap acceptance users prefer, scenarios with different gap acceptances were created using UC-win/Road, and subjects could experience them through virtual driving. At this time, brain waves, electromyography, pupil size, and heart rate were measured, and a survey was conducted after the autonomous driving experience. Afterwards, biometric data and survey results were analyzed to find out which autonomous driving behavior was preferred

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      This data represents the behavior of self-driving vehicles at roundabouts, highway intersections, etc. By running the scenario, you can see various patterns of driving movement from inside the autonomous car.

    • 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)

      Utsunomiya City

      Utsunomiya Digital City Experience Project
      With the aim of providing effective social studies education even when travel is limited, 3D models of major facilities to be visited on social studies tours, such as the area around Utsunomiya Station, including the LRT, fire stations, water purification plants, and incineration plants, were reproduced on the web. It allowed viewers to explore from a perspective not normally seen and to see explanations and animations of equipment. It was introduced into education after its effectiveness in school education was verified. Selected as a representative of Utsunomiya for the Digi-den Koshien 2023.

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      Representative public facilities in Utsunomiya City are reproduced on the web. When you select a facility, you can see an overview of the facility, explore it through a walkthrough, and view animations and videos of its equipment and operations.

    • Idea Award

      Naha City Tourism Association

      Japan Heritage & Naha Tour WebAR System
      This WebAR system using F8VPS explains the story of "Okinawa's traditional 'Ryukyu cuisine', 'Awamori', and 'Entertainment' that have continued since the Ryukyu Kingdom era", which was recognized as the first Japanese heritage in Okinawa Prefecture in 2019. It can be used in conjunction with the city walking tour to visit the related cultural sites. You can experience AR Ryukyu dance, Ryukyu cuisine, and the legendary dragon that appears on the street using your smartphone.

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      Open the link on your smartphone to watch Ryukyu dance, Ryukyu cuisine, and a flying dragon in AR. Please enjoy the animation and music together.

    • Essence Award

      Tamana City, Kumamoto Prefecture

      Visualization of disaster risk using 3D city model of Tamana City
      Using the PLATEAU 3D city model, this data was used to simulate the inundation area and the inundation depth over time when the levee broke. In addition to visualizing information such as the location, capacity, and altitude of evacuation facilities, it also reproduced representations of movement and submersion from the evacuee's perspective, so it can also be used for education to deepen understanding of the importance of evacuation and disaster risk. In the future, this information will also be used for disaster preparedness planning, such as evacuation routes and facility layout.

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      The main simulation area is from the Tamana Station to City Hall. By running the scenario, you can see the inundation area expanding from the levee break point, information on refugee shelters, and a walkthrough image of the evacuation route.

    • Honorable Judge Award Digital Management Award (Prof. Fumio Seki)

      Oriental Consultants Co., LTD.

      VR simulation of human flow using AI camera
      A cyberspace is constructed using digital twins to reproduce the buildings, road accessories, and road networks around Hon-Atsugi Station. In addition to reproducing traffic using a traffic micro-simulator, an AI edge camera was used to obtain actual human flow data, and a reproduction simulation was performed in a VR environment. It is planned to use this data as basic data in future development projects around the station that take dynamic data into consideration.

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      The cityscape around Hon-Atsugi Station is recreated. The animations include image analysis using a camera and visualization of pedestrian flow data.

    • Honorable Judge Award Community Development Award (Mr. Hiroo Kasagi)

      Keiyo Sokuryo

      Explore the old town of the Sawara district in VR
      This data was created from April 2023 for the event exhibition held in June 2023. In producing this work, the company made extensive use of the results of three-dimensional laser surveying, taking advantage of its strengths as a surveying company. By using laser point clouds to replace construction work that required complex modeling, they were able to complete the work in a limited period of time.

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      Historic cityscapes are expressed in detail using point clouds. When you run the scenarios, you can see images of walking along the river, and famous places such as Jaja Bridge, Ino Tadataka's house, Pokemon manhole, etc.

    • Honorable Judge Award Traffic simulation Award (Prof. Tetsunori Haraguchi)

      Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

      Machine guidance information display system using XR
      This is a construction support system in the cockpit of heavy construction equipment that converts design data held by the MG (Machine Guidance) system into coordinates so that the line-of-sight position obtained by a separately manufactured detection system matches the backhoe operator's field of view, and then displays it on the driver's seat windshield. To simulate experiments with real equipment, a radio-controlled construction equipment system was also constructed and used in conjunction with the VR system environment.

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      The base VR space to be superimposed on the transparent display is displayed on the monitor. Using location information, the VR perspective and heavy equipment model are linked to reproduce the operator's perspective.

    • Nomination Award

      Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.

      "Smooth information sharing of landslide-prone areas using the metaverse" ~iHazard map project~
      While DX promotion is expected with the spread of satellite data and three-dimensional models, residents are demanding detailed explanations of landslide risks, etc. after the debris flow occurred in Atami City. In order to improve the level of landslide prevention measures, this project aims to improve the effectiveness of the Sediment Disaster Prevention Act by sharing information on landslide-prone areas designated by each prefecture with municipalities via the Metaverse (F8VPS).

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      Information on landslide warning areas is visualized in metaverse space. It is possible to move around the area from a bird's-eye view or a walk-through perspective, and to access disaster risk information for each area.

    • Nomination Award

      T-NET JAPAN Co., Ltd.

      Training simulation to verify footing and cast-in-place pile installation conditions
      For employee training purposes, new VR training simulations for footing and cast-in-place pile construction have been added to previous years' content. This content allows users to review the steps required for construction, such as checking the condition of various reinforcing bars, surveying the excavation position using TS, and checking the soil quality of the supporting layer, and learn what to keep in mind from a free perspective.

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      This content provides on-site construction management training. You can experience the scenarios of reinforcing bar assembly, concrete receiving and pouring, and cast-in-place construction status check.

    • Nomination Award

      Kanahide Construction Co., Ltd.

      Kochi Interchange Line bridge maintenance work (D ramp superstructure)
      For the first time, Okinawa Prefecture contracted this construction to a local construction company that was not a specialized contractor. Some local residents said they could not see the whole picture of the construction before it began, so the company prepared this document as explanatory materials for local residents during construction reviews, safety education, and site tours.

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      This data is a reproduction image of the interchange. By running the animation, you can see the completed image of the interchange and detailed construction steps of the bridge girder.

    • Nomination Award

      SmartDrive Sdn. Bhd. & Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd

      Hazard-Sensing VR Simulation System
      IPDA Simulator is an educational program aimed at improving safety awareness among employees. The system replicates actual road configurations in surrounding area of Perodua factory in Selangor, Malaysia, and based on the results of analysis of independently measured big data, various hazardous events are set up in locations where traffic accidents occur frequently, and the response time for employees to sense and react to the hazards is verified. From the final comprehensive scoring reports, it is possible to identify the employees’ ability to sense danger.

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      Dangerous scenes when riding a motorcycle are recreated in this data. In the scenarios, you can check the results and verification process, and see the dangerous scenes. A highlight version and a complete scenario of about 7 minutes are available.

    • Nomination Award

      Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

      Evaluation of driving safety and comfort of urban highway deep underground tunnels
      Recently, urban highways have been constructed with deep underground tunnels due to difficulties in securing land and creating pedestrian-friendly spaces. In deep underground tunnels, driver comfort is reduced due to limited visibility, drowsiness, and a sense of enclosure. As a result, driving behavior is less safe than on surface roads, especially at ICs where sorting and merging occur underground. Therefore, in the design stage, UC-win/Road was used to implement the road in VR and conduct virtual driving experiments with a driving simulator. By analyzing driving log data and biometric data (sleepiness and anxiety brain waves), we evaluated the safety and comfort of the road and reflected the results in the design.

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      The design of a deep underground highway has been reproduced. The scenarios include some of the scenes used to verify the highway, merging points, entrances and exits, etc.

    • Nomination Award


      Maebashi city safe driving ability diagnosis simulator

      As part of the digital twin in the Maebashi City Super City concept, a simulator was built for the purpose of driving diagnosis on city roads and linking with the Maebashi City data collaboration platform. In an immersive space with a hemispherical dome-shaped screen, dangerous scenes such as ignoring traffic lights and cutting in at intersections near the Gunma Prefectural Office were recreated, and diagnosis was made using driving logs.

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      This data is a driving simulation that reproduces the area around Gunma Prefectural Office. When you run a scenario, you can see the simulator image and the hazardous scenes used for diagnosis.


      Tohoku Engineering Office, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

      Digital DX training materials and snow removal simulator

        • (DX training: River and road facility)

        • (DX training: Mechanical equipment)

        Training content for young engineers are created to promote infrastructure DX. The training content includes VR training materials on management of road, bridge, survey and construction, AR training materials that provide explanations using life-size sluice pipes and bridge abutments, a backhoe simulator for the purpose of safety guidance and remote control, and a snow removal simulator to improve safe operation skills.

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      This data consists of educational content on the basics, construction, maintenance, etc. of infrastructure such as roads and bridges, as well as simulators for snow removal and backhoe training and safety education. By running the scenario, you can see images of pavement structure, deterioration, inspection and repair. In addition, the video includes images of bridge infrastructure, construction management and safety measures, disaster response, snow removal and backhoe simulators. In the F8VPS you can see training content on mechanical equipment, river and road facilities.

      They declined the mail order gift certificate for the prize.

Overview of 3D VR Simulation Contest

3D/VR Simulation Contest on Cloud starts with the award winning of VR Design Studio UC-win/Road software in "Software Product of the Year" in 2002. The main event of the FORUM8 design festival is the competition between international and domestic contestants to see who can create the most advanced VR simulation using VR Design Studio UC-win/Road. A general public online vote via VR-Cloud® has also been implemented since 2011.
A new award "VR SYSTEM OF THE YEAR" was established in 2022.

Submission Requirements

UC-win/Road has been used in various fields from civil engineering/construction, to driving/traffic simulations, to even town planning. In a recent years we have noticed a change in an organizations focus to autonomous driving research, disaster prevention scenarios, education, and medical care. In particular, there have recently been some notable examples of advanced construction ICT and construction automation.
We look forward to your applications for the state-of-the-art VR data and systems that accelerate smart cities and DX by making the most use of solutions provided by UC-win/Road and F8VPS to enable advanced communication through data.

Application / Schedule
Submission Conditions

①Work data and 5-minute script

②Overview of data explaining contents and operation in a brief format

Destination of Submission

Please tell your contact person of FORUM8 staff and send it to him/her.

  • Fri. Oct. 6th, 2023
  • Deadline for Application
  • Fri. Oct. 13th, 2023
  • Nomination Work Screening
  • Mon. Oct. 23rd -
    Thu. Oct. 26th, 2023
  • General Voting Period
  • Tue. Nov. 7th, 2023

  • Award winning selection
  • Wed. Nov. 8th, 2023

  • Announcement and Award Ceremony
    Venue: Shinagawa Intercity Hall
Copyright of Submitted Work

The copyright of the VR data of the winning work belongs to the applicant.
Although the submitted data will not be distributed, FORUM8 will edit and process output images, videos, etc. for the data, works and deliverables produced by the author, and will make external presentations, research presentations, sales activities, As a public relations activity, you have a secondary license right such as publication/introduction on media such as HP, public relations magazines, books, magazines and newspapers.

Inquiries for Application

TEL:03-6894-1888 FAX:03-6894-3888

Awards / Prizes
  • Grand Prix

    Prize, Online shopping gift cards (JPY100,000), Trophy, Certificate

  • 2nd Prize
    (Excellent Award)

    Prize, Online shopping gift cards (JPY50,000), Certificate

  • Idea / Essence Award

    Prize, Online shopping gift cards (JPY30,000), Certificate

  • Honorable Judge Award

    Meta Quest 2, Online shopping gift cards (JPY30,000), Certificate

  • Nomination Award

    Online shopping gift cards (JPY10,000), Plaque


Trophy, Certificate, Online shopping gift cards (JPY300,000)

Juries of 3DVR Simulation Contest
  • Jury Chief

    Prof. Fumio Seki

    Professor, Civil Eng. Dept.
    Fac. of Science and Tech., Nihon University

    After engaging in various designs such as bridge, tunnel, civil engineering, river, and road at a major construction company, he was appointed in the current position since 2011. In recent years, in addition to civil engineering design, he works on a wide range of digital technologies, PFI and PPP projects.

  • Mr. Hiroo Kasagi

    Representative of NPO Community Development Studio

    Director of Japan Society for Impact Assessment, director of Laboratory of Autonomy Problem, part-time instructor of University of Tsukuba, etc. Won the prize of Minister for the Environment for his activity of global warming in 2005. Author of some books.

  • Prof. Tetsunori

    Visiting Prof., Org. for
    Future Society Creation,
    Nagoya University

    After graduating from Department of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, Graduate School of Kyoto University, he worked at Toyota Motor Corporation, and engaged in the vehicle dynamic performance development at the experiment field and the future vehicle planning at the planning field. Started to work at Nagoya University since 2011 and is a visiting professor now.

  • Mr. Yuji Ito

    Representative Director, VR Promotion Council / President and CEO, FORUM8 Co., Ltd.

  • Prof. Fumio Seki

    Director, VR Promotion Council
    Professor, Civil Engineering Dept. Faculty of Science and Tech., Nihon Univ.

  • Mr. Ryuzo Aida

    Director, VR Promotion Council
    Chairman & CEO, Nihon Technos

* The VR Promotion Council, which judges the VR SYSTEM OF THE YEAR award, works to develop and provide a virtual platform using VR, as well as to utilize it in various industrial fields in collaboration with local governments and other organizations. FORUM8 cooperates with this council as a corporate member.

Past Award Winners

  • 21st Grand Prix (Highest Award)


    3D Real-Time Digital Twin System for Heavy Machinery in Dam Construction Work
    By linking a cooperative control system for autonomous construction machines and VR Design Studio UC-win/Road, a real-time 3D monitoring and emergency stop system for approaching construction machines at a dam construction site was constructed. Using GNSS position information, the system visualizes positions of workers and autonomous construction machines in VR Design Studio UC-win/Road, and activates an 'approach detection' when construction machines are approaching. In such case, the system issues a warning to the supervisors of the autonomous construction machines and a 'stop' command to the cooperative control system.
  • 21st 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)


    Simulation to Experience the Effect of Seismic Isolation Devices
    Contents that allow subjects to experience the effects of seismic isolation devices that reduce damage to buildings during an earthquake were created. Using HMD-based VR and the Motion Seat, subjects can experience the differences in shaking between earthquake-resistant structures, seismically isolated structures, and vibration-controlled structures. Warehouses, condominiums, and office spaces were reproduced, and physical simulations of collapsing and falling fixtures and their sound effects were performed to produce the situation under such conditions.
  • 21st Idea Award

    Jeollabuk-do Traffic Culture Training Institute

    Driving Ability Evaluation System for Elderly Drivers
    As traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers increase, the voluntary return of driver's licenses is being implemented, but the effect is insignificant. In order to revitalize the driver's license voluntary return system, this system was developed that allows elderly drivers to recognize their driving ability. We selected four areas with many elderly driver traffic accidents and made VR data. The driver made a virtual driving using a driving simulator, and the driving ability evaluation result was automatically output when the driving was finished.
  • 21st Essence Award

    Oriental Consultants Co., LTD.

    VR Simulation Reproducing Traffic around Hon Atsugi Station
    The road and roadside scenery on the north side of Hon Atsugi Station were reproduced as a cyberspace in a digital twin used for an examination of transit malls, etc. Traffic and crowd simulation using VISSIM was conducted to present the traffic and pedestrian flow over a wide area in VR. Future plans include application to various type of research theme, such as visualization of real-time micro data of crowd flow from cameras installed in urban areas.
  • 21st Honorable Judge Award Digital Control Award (Prof. Fumio Seki)


    Simulation of Traffic in a Factory Premise when Workers are Commuting to and from Work
    This is a VR traffic simulation for a project involving construction of new roads and renovation of a large-scale intersection in a factory premise. Traffic congestion on the road with road geometry that allows large vehicles in operation to have priority, packed with vehicles driven by workers commuting to and from work is verified by VR simulation. As a countermeasure to traffic jam, direction of traffic in particular lanes are reversed between the time when workers are arriving and the time they are leaving, and traffic flow in these lanes are reproduced to examine optimal traffic signal phases. The VR data was used to plan traffic flow within the premises, including setting speed limits by traffic volume and section, and pallet pools for large vehicles in operation.
  • 21st Honorable Judge Award Chiikizukuri Award (Community Development Award) (Mr. Hiroo Kasagi)

    NiX Co., Ltd.

    Research of Life Extension Measures For Maintenance Management of Bridges in Mountainous Area
    Prior to the replacement of a bridge in a mountainous area, VR was used for examination. The current structure was modeled based on point clouds to reproduce its current condition, including deteriorated sections and deformation of the entire structure. The view can be switched to the structure after the bridge replacement, where one side of the girder is removed, and a driving simulation is conducted to confirm whether or not there are any obstructions to truck traffic due to the significantly narrower girder.
  • 21st Honorable Judge Award Traffic simulation Award (Prof. Tetsunori Haraguchi)

    Aichi Prefectural University

    Vehicle-Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordination Simulator System
    A simulator system that enables vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian simulators to interact with each other using VR Design Studio UC-win/Road's cluster network linkage function. Various biometric devices such as NIRS (for brain activity measurement) and eye trackers can also be linked for interactive operation. Experiment log data can be centrally managed. The system is widely used for research related to autonomous vehicles and mobility.
  • 21st Nomination Award

    Shenzhen University

    Urban Underground Roads' Traffic Signs and VR Simulation for Safety Assessment
  • 21st Nomination Award

    Sangyo Kaihatsu Consultant CO., LTD.

    VR Simulation for Bridge Landscape Design
  • 21st Nomination Award

    Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.

    Promotion of Wind Power Generation Business Using DX Technology (3DVR and PLATEAU)
  • 21st Nomination Award

    Kanahide Construction Co.,Ltd.

    Simulation of Bridge Superstructure Construction

    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

    Construction DX Challenge (Remote Construction Demonstration) Digital Twin System
    In the VR NILIM, which was built on F8VPS, the virtual venue for remote construction demonstration held at the DX experimental field was constructed. The venue layout and heavy equipment were reproduced in the VR space, and images of the site were streamed in real-time at the virtual venue. As an application of the digital twin platform, information from heavy equipment sensors can be acquired to simulate the movement of heavy equipment synchronized with the site in VR.
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Past Contest Award Ceremonies (21st 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud / November 2022)

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