3D/VR Simulation Contest on Cloud starts with the award winning VR Design Studio UC-win/Road software. The main event of the FORUM8 design festival is the competition between international and domestic contestants to see who can create the most advanced VR simulation using VR Design Studio UC-win/Road. A general public online vote has also been implemented since 2011. This year is surely going to be exciting!

Results Announcement

After general voting and careful consideration by juries, Grand Prix, 2nd Prize (Excellence Award), Idea Award, Essence Award, and 3 Honorable Judge Award have been decided.
The Awards Ceremony was held at Shinagawa Intercity Hall and online on November 17th, 2021.

    ▲Awards Ceremony
    (Nov. 17th 2021 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall and Online)

  • ▲Movie of awarded works

  • Grand Prix

    National Science & Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (Taiwan)

    Creation of Disaster Scene Using VR And Display of Flood Simulation Analysis Data
    To improve the effectiveness of disaster prevention drills, VR is employed to help the flood exercise platform of an existing disaster information website to visualize flood simulations. It simulates the damage caused by river flooding based on the 3D terrain models such as Laonong River, Qingshui River, and Baolai River in Taiwan, and the flood warning system developed by the Center. The VR data is open to the public on VR-Cloud with a 360-degree video.

    Watch This

    Run the animation "Baolai" to see a simulation of the flooding of Baolai River (Baolai Hot Springs, Kaohsiung City). In addition, water depth contours are also visualized by combining 3D terrain models generated from photos shot from UAV with inundation analysis data. It is possible to see the flooded area, evacuation shelters, and the locations of police stations and fire departments, plus the image of how they can all be used in evacuation drills.

  • 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)


    Soil Transport Planning Using Traffic Simulation Analysis
    In order to formulate an optimal vehicle allocation plan for transporting soil at a construction site, a dump truck operation was simulated based on the amount of earth transported and a survey of the amount of traffic. The actual road and traffic conditions were reproduced in the VR space, and the operation cycle, including loading and tire washing, was verified using the 4D simulation. The data was effective for preliminary discussions, construction planning, and safety measures.

    Watch This

    By executing the scenario "Dump Truck Operation Image", viewers can see the simulation of a dump truck in operation with a graph displaying a series of operations performed by the truck tracked over time thanks to the 4D function implemented in the software. The scenario "Dump Truck Operation Simulation" is a simulation that was actually used for validation, and it shows the actual operations of the dump truck including the factors that affect its operation such as waiting time and traffic conditions (no viewpoint is set).

  • 2nd Prize (Excellence Award)

    Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited

    Simulator for Highway Snow Removal in Echelon Formation
    A training simulator has been developed for the purpose of training snow removal vehicle operators. In order to provide training with a realistic environment similar to that of a real vehicle, the simulator reproduces the road environment of an expressway and can perform necessary diagnoses such as accuracy of vehicle position and distance to the vehicle in front. The three simulators work together to simulate snow removal in the echelon formation, but it is also possible to train for one person by using automatic control of the other vehicles.

    Watch This

    The data describes a vast snowy landscape on the Meishin Expressway, and the weather can be switched by selecting the context. By running the scenario "Simulation Overview", it is possible to see the simulation with the snow removal simulator. In the "Driving Experience Scenario", you can drive the snowplow vehicle to experience its departure from the base and driving on the main lane.

  • Idea Award

    Department of Transportation,
    Taipei City Government

    Bus Driving Simulation System for Traffic Safety Promotion
    This system simulates the driving conditions of a bus, and subjects can understand the difference in vision between the driver of a bus (large vehicle) and those of other vehicles and pedestrians by comparing the bus driver's visual angle with an overhead view from outside the vehicle. In addition, subjects can also recognize the blind spots and inside wheel differences of large vehicles, which will help them to avoid dangerous spots in real situations, and will lead to a reduction in traffic accidents.

    Watch This

    Run the "Explanatory Scenario" animation to see the aims of this system, the view from the driver's perspective, and an example of an accident. The "Bus Driving Simulation" animation shows the sequence of events when you actually try driving a bus with this system. (The operation proceeds automatically.)

  • Essence Award

    Akamatsu Co., Ltd.

    First in Shikoku! "Akamatsu Hybrid Expo"
    toward New Normal Era
    Shikoku's first live and virtual hybrid exhibition was held. In a virtual venue using F8VPS, visitors could browse documents, watch promotional videos, and view products, mainly office automation equipment and subscription products. A seminar corner by exhibitors, a lottery, and a questionnaire were also included, and a total of more than 1,000 people accessed the exhibition over the two days, making it useful for sales promotion.

    Watch This

    The project can be viewed on F8VPS. You can see each exhibition booth by controlling the viewpoint in the menu in the top left corner, or switch to an overhead view to see the shape of the venue, which resembles the logo. You can move around the exhibition freely and see 3D models of products, panels and catalogues. You can also run a script to move from the entrance to each exhibition booth and view the PR videos.

  • Honorable Judge Award Design Award (Prof. Fumio Seki)

    Hanshin Expressway Company Limited

    VR to Announce Safety Measures on
    Hanshin Expressway Route 1 Loop Line
    For the Hanshin Expressway Route 1 Loop Line, where many traffic accidents occur due to its complicated merging points and junctions, VR data was created for the new guidance signs and junctions to be installed by the renovation together with the current state. It covers the road from the Minatomachi JCT to the Nakanoshima JCT, and will be used as a public relations tool to inform users the changes and cautionary information such as improved guide signs, lane lines for smoother merging, and pavement coloring, etc.

    Watch This

    By executing the animation "Whole view", it is possible to check the current situation and the improvements proposed as a countermeasure while flying over the renewal construction section. The "Merge Section-1" animation shows the location where the road merges with the Sennichimae line at the Minatomachi JCT, and the "Merge Section-2" animation shows the location where the road merges with the Sakai Line, allowing viewers to compare the current situation and proposed improvements from the perspective of the driver. Finally, in the animation "Branch", viewers can see the proposed improvements to where the road branches off, including lanes and guidance displays for the Deiribashi exit at the Nakanoshima JCT, where many drivers have taken the wrong way.

  • Honorable Judge Award Chiikizukuri Award (Community Development Award) (Mr. Hiroo Kasagi)

    Nikaho city / NIHON TECHNOS CO., LTD.

    VR Simulation Reproducing Kitamaebune
    in Nikaho City
    The aim of this data is motivating people to visit Nikaho City. The city has many cultural assets related to Kitamaebune, which are recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site. The data recreates the scenes of Kitamaebune ships off the coast of Nikaho City that sailed in the Edo and Meiji periods. Viewers can also experience VR navigation from a viewpoint overlooking Mt. Chokai. For the future, developments of VR sightseeing experience using F8VPS before visiting the city and AR to experience the past collapse of Mt. Chokai are planned.

    Watch This

    This animation recreates the scene of a Kitamaebune sailing through the Sea of Japan. The animation "Kitamaebune Simulation" shows the scene of the ship sailing and the magnificent view of the mountain in the backdrop seen from the ship.

  • Honorable Judge Award Traffic simulation Award
    (Prof. Tetsunori Haraguchi)

    National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)

    Cutting Edge of Infrastructure DX Research -
    Virtual NILIM and 4K VR Simulator -
    As part of the infrastructure DX promotion, the entire site of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), which measures up to 3 km from north to south, has been reproduced in VR. In addition to reproducing the exteriors of many facilities and test tracks for publicity purposes, a large 4K VR stereoscopic Driving Simulator has been installed as a platform for inter-departmental researches. This VR information is available on F8VPS, where visitors can take a virtual tour of the site and watch videos of experiments.

    Watch This

    By executing the "Virtual NILIM and 4KVR Simulator" script, you can see the driving scene on the large 4KVR stereoscopic DS, the VR space where the institute's site is reproduced, and the outline of the VR NILIM. In the VR space, various experimental facilities, a banked test track that enables high-speed driving, and a public road bridge crossing a vast site are recreated.

  • Nomination Award

    NiX Co., Ltd.

    VR Simulation for Visibility of New Traffic Signals
    The pedestrian bridge in front of the elementary school is deteriorating and needs to be improved. Since most of the users of it are elementary school students and it is also used by many local residents to cross the street, the installation of pedestrian signals after the removal of the pedestrian bridge was considered. In this data, the current situation and the proposed plan are created, and the visibility of the new traffic signals against the existing signals is simulated from the driver's perspective.

    Watch This

    By executing the animation "Overview", viewers can see the current condition of the pedestrian bridge and the new traffic signal system proposed as a new alternative for pedestrians to cross the road. The number of children using the bridge, traffic flow, and signal indications are based on actual measurements, and even the underground objects such as the foundations and buried pipes that need to be dealt with when removing the pedestrian bridge are represented in detail. It is possible to check a series of issues to be discussed with the police, such as the visibility of traffic signals in close proximity, the location of street trees, and vehicle entrances and exits.

  • Nomination Award

    Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (China)

    VR Simulation of Traffic Safety on
    Expressways in High Mountain Areas
    VR data for an expressway project in the high mountain area. More than 95% of the 30km-long continuous downhill consists of bridges and tunnels, and half of the bridges are interchanges and U-shaped junctions. In addition, there are entrances and exits inside the tunnels. In this work, the safety of the driving environment under this specially structured road is verified using VR, including the color of the pavement, the guidance of the signs, and the improvement of the safety facilities.

    Watch This

    This data shows the safety measures taken on a highway through rugged terrain, such as special interchanges, tunnel entrances and exits, and branches. To see an overview, run the "Traffic Safety Measures" animation or the "Tiger Leaping Gorge Entrance and Exit" scenario. Other scenarios allow viewers to see the road from the driver's perspective during autonomous driving mode and to drive manually.

  • Nomination Award

    University of Seoul

    Research for Preferred type of Autonomous Driving
    To help develop autonomous driving algorithms, a study to find the driving patterns preferred by autonomous vehicle drivers was conducted. Four autonomous driving scenarios with different driving patterns on the same route were created, and the subjects were asked to choose the best scenario, which can be used to set variables such as TTC, distance to the vehicle in front, acceleration/deceleration, and lane change frequency.

    Watch This

    To help develop autonomous driving algorithms, a study to find the driving patterns preferred by autonomous vehicle drivers was conducted. Four autonomous driving scenarios with different driving patterns on the same route were created, and the subjects were asked to choose the best scenario, which can be used to set variables such as TTC, distance to the vehicle in front, acceleration/deceleration, and lane change frequency.

  • Nomination Award

    T-NET JAPAN Co., Ltd.

    Survey VR Training Simulation
    This is a VR simulation for training of surveying work using TS and other equipment, including contents allowing trainees to learn the flow from installation to measurement and the operation procedures of the equipment. VR-Cloud enables training via the Internet, which is useful for employee training under the COVID-19 situation.

    Watch This

    This data represents the work flow of the training for using a surveying equipment. The scenario "Concept of Surveying" shows an overview of the VR training, and in the "Leveling" and "Traverse Surveying" scenarios, viewers can experience the actual training. It is also possible to see what the equipment looks like by selecting the equipment name in context.

  • Nomination Award

    Solar Kanamori

    Plan of Small Hydroelectric Power Plant
    at Chigawa River
    This VR was created to help explain a small hydroelectric power generation project in the upper reaches of the National Azumino Park at the foot of the Northern Alps to the fishermen's association. It was hard to represent natural objects such as forests, rocks, and the flow of the river. The data is visualized by combining DNA survey and literature survey with videos.

    Watch This

    Run the animation "Chigawa River Small Hydropower Project" to see the overview of the proposed small hydropower plant upstream of the Chigawa River. The data includes the characteristics of the area, the development plan for the water intake dam, the proposal to not set up a fishway, and the environmental measures during construction. You can also see the images of the current canyon, both proposals of construction with and without the fishway, and the power plant at the confluence".


Event Schedule
Deadline for Application

Fri. October 15th, 2021

Nomination Work Screening

Fri. October 26th, 2021
FORUM8 Tokyo Headquarters

General Voting Period

Fri. November 5th - Sun. November 14th, 2021
Cloud Voting

Award Winners Decision

Tue. November 16th, 2021
FORUM8 Tokyo Headquarters

Using a combination of online voting and the judges opinions awards are decided. (Judges 70%, General vote 30%)

Announcement and Award Ceremony

Wed. November 17th, 2021
Shinagawa Intercity Hall

FORUM8 Design Festival 2021
20th 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud Awards Announcement and Award Ceremony

  • Jury ChairProf. Fumio Seki

    Professior, Civil Engineering Department
    Faculty of Science and Technology,
    Nihon Unveristy

    After graduating the department of science and engineering, Nihon University, he joined Design Planning office for civil design of Taisei Corporation and has been engaged in design etc. for road structure, river, harbor and lecture etc. Appointed in the current position since 2011.

  • Mr. Hiroo Kasagi

    NPO Community Development Studio

    Director of Japan Society for Impact Assessment, director of Laboratory of Autonomy Problem, part-time instructor of Nagano University, CEO of Kizakiko Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd. Councilor of Omachi Kita high school. Author of some books. Won the prize of Minister for the Environment for his activity of global warming in 2005.

  • Prof. Tetsunori Haraguchi

    Visitng Professor,
    Organization for Future Society Creation,
    Nagoya University

    Worked at Toyota Motor Corporation, and engaged in vehicle product power evaluation through driving. Moved on to the vehicle dynamic performance/chassis technology area until 2002. Next was future vehicle standards and development until 2011, and since 2012 a research at Nagoya University on future Scoiation Creation.

Application Requirements
Application Criteria / Submission Conditions

1. VR data created through UC-win/Road (5 minute script required).

2. Overview of data explainging contents and operation in a brief format
* Data must be on media such as a CD-ROM, DVD format.

■Grand Prix ■Excellence ■Special Awards (Idea/Essence) ■Honorable Judge Award ■Nomination
※No duplicate awards
Deadline for Application

Fri. October 15th, 2021
* Nominees for this event will be decided on Tue. October 26th, 2021

Destination of Submission

Please tell your contact person of FORUM8 staff and send it to him/her.

Copyright of Submitted Work

The copyright of the VR data of the winning work belongs to the applicant.

Although the submitted data will not be distributed, FORUM8 will edit and process output images, videos, etc. for the data, works and deliverables produced by the author, and will make external presentations, research presentations, sales activities, As a public relations activity, you have a secondary license right such as publication/introduction on media such as HP, public relations magazines, books, magazines and newspapers.

Inquiries for the application

Please tell your contact person of FORUM8 staff
or e-mail at ist@forum8.co.jp

Awards / Prizes
  • Grand Prix

    Trophy, Certificate, Prize (Laptop, SSD, etc.), Gift Card

  • 2nd Prize
    (Excellence Award)

    Certificate, Prize (Laptop, drone, etc.), Gift Card

  • Idea / Essence Award

    Certificate, Prize (Tablet, laptop, etc.), Gift Card

  • Honorable Judge Award

    Certificate, Prize(Action Camera, drone, etc.), Gift Card

  • Nomination Award

    Certificate, Gift Card


* Details of prizes will be posted when they are decided

Product Info

3D real-time virtual reality software UC-win/Road is an advanced software that can create 3D large-scale space of various projects by simple PC operation and can perform various real-time simulations.

Product info

UC-win/Road Basic Functions

VR-Cloud® is a consensus building solution which uses 3D and VR on a cloud server. With only internet access environment, even thin client would be able to operate the VR space by web browser.

Product info

VR-Cloud® Ver.6 Collaboration

A full-featured VR cloud system that enables advanced communication between clients and VR. Implementation of shared content management. 3D bulletin board, landscape evaluation, conference support for multiple users. Equipped with annotation and photo functions.

  • ▲Content viewer

  • ▲3D icons

  • ▲Annotation function

  • ▲Landscape evaluation

Case study: "Mizuki Shigeru Road x VR-Cloud® Ver6.1"

Provided by Tomohiro Fukuda laboratory of environment and energy engineering, Graduate school of Osaka University

In a renewal plan of Mizuki Shigeru Road promoted in Sakaiminato city, VR data of the concrete plan is created and shown to persons concerned and citizens for PR and a consensus building of the design plan. The VR-Cloud® is used for a remote design meeting by sharing the data.

Past Award Winners

Every year we explore various fields from civil engineering/construction, to driving/traffic simulations, to even town planning. In a recent years we have noticed a change in an organizations focus to autonomous driving research, disaster prevention scenarios, education, and medical care.

  • 19th Grand Prix

    SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Construction VR simulation during bridge repair
    In order to improve workability, it is important to accurately grasp the on-site situation and reflect it in the plan. This time, we collected point cloud data before the construction work, and modeled the parts accurately from the design drawings to express the on-site conditions. Then we expressed the assumed construction contents and examined the workability.
  • Building a reconstruction of the area around Aso Ohashi, which collapsed due to the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.The photo data is an aerial photograph of the actual disaster site, so that the damages caused at that time can be understood. Using this VR data, we are constructing a remote control training simulator for compact type backhoe for the purpose of initial response in the event of a disaster by connecting a remote operation controller.
  • 19th Idea Award

    DENSO Corporation

    VR data for driving reaction test
  • 19th Essence Award

    Seoul Metropolitan Government Infrastructure Headquarters

    Road design for "Changing western highways to urban roads" by VR
Historical Awards
Historical Awards
Past Contest Award Ceremonies (19th 3D・VR Simulation Contest on Cloud / November 2020)